Sterling REIT Asset Management Limited

1.          What does STREAD do?

STREAD is a licensed Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) Management company whose core business is REIT management. This involves formulation and execution of long-term strategies of the real estate assets under management geared towards achieving optimum returns for REIT unitholders. We also perform robust analyses and make informed decisions on either acquisition of quality real estate assets with high potential returns or disposal of non-performing rea estate assets.

Apart from REIT management services, STREAD also offers real estate research and advisory services to a broad clientele including corporate and individuals both locally and internationally in regard to real estate investments and related fields.

Here, you get to work with brilliant and like-minded persons to carry out the above roles with high quality and efficiency.

2.          What competencies, skills and experiences do we look for?

STREAD is known for excellence.  We believe that ambitions and desire for excellence drive one to be best version of them. We are looking for highly competent, ambitious and purpose driven individuals that can not only maintain our company standards but also take the company to even higher and better level.

3.          How does STREAD support employee development and training?

STREAD prioritizes the growth and development of employees and offers various career advancement opportunities through sponsoring and facilitating the employees for workshops, seminars, online courses, and mentorship programs among others. We also assist and encourage our employees to join professional bodies in their respective fields to foster their growth both at personal and professional levels.

At STREAD we offer internship opportunities to fresh graduates and students through partnerships with the professional bodies and universities for trainings and mentorship with the possibility of absorption upon a successful internship.

4.          How do you join STREAD?

STREAD provides equal opportunities for all qualified applicants nationwide, irrespective of their geographical origins, enabling them to submit their applications without discrimination.

Details on how to apply and deadlines on the same will be provided in our career advertisements. The advertisements are usually run on our website and social media platforms whenever an opportunity arises. To remain informed on any job openings, we recommend regularly visiting our “Careers” page on this website.

5.          What is the recruitment process like?

The recruitment process involves online application and submission of the requisite documents, followed by rigorous resume screening, interviews, and possibly assessment tests, depending on the position. Final steps involve reference checks and extending a job offer to the successful applicant.

6.          What is it like to work with STREAD?

At STREAD, you get to witness a culture of empowerment and support. We nurture our employees by providing conducive working space that promotes their creativity and innovation. Every individual’s voice is valued, and we actively promote an open and inclusive atmosphere where collaboration and teamwork thrive.

The company prides itself in celebrating, recognizing and rewarding achievements both for individuals and the team. Our employees are the most valuable asset for the company hence STREAD emphasizes on investing in their growth and development. At STREAD you will have all the tools you need to continuously advance your skills.

STREAD offers flexible work arrangements and supportive policies to enable you manage personal commitments and professional responsibilities seamlessly as we understand the importance of maintaining a healthy work-life balance.

Working with us means being part of a mission-driven organization. Our dedication to making a positive impact on our clients and the real estate and REITs market provides our team members with a profound sense of purpose in their daily work.


Uncover the array of career opportunities at STREAD and embark on an exhilarating adventure. Immerse yourself in a nurturing work environment that embraces your ambitions and propels your professional growth. We look forward to welcoming you aboard!

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